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Entertaining Part I: How To Entertain More Often

Thank you for welcoming me into your email box twice a month, I hope you find these updates helpful. I will use this space to rehash the last 2 weeks in BRK, give you an extra tip or two, show you some behind the scenes at BRK, or give you another recipe if I have one worth sharing. My wish is that you feel these newsletters are worth your time and worth passing on to your friends. Now let the inspiration begin!

Himself (my husband) and I love to entertain but like many we fail to entertain enough as we don't plan for it. Like the John Lennon song says, "Life is just what happens to you, while your busy making other plans." We are so busy making other life plans- school, kids, work, home maintenance, that our life is passing us by. Himself and I sit back and say, "Didn't we want to have so and so over this summer? Where did the summer go?" Do you find that you do that too? My family is in the process of creating our Life Plan and one of the top priorities will be opening our home more often to guests. So how does one go about accomplishing that goal. Purposeful Planning!

1. Decide how many times you want to entertain per month.
2. Make a list of people you would like to entertain over the next year.
3. Define your ideal party. Ex. Casual, formal, large crowds, intimate, kids/no kids, whole meals or just appetizers or dessert.
4. Set an entertaining budget. Some ways to stay in budget is to host potlucks or a dessert party.
5. Decide if you want to use paper products, real dishes or a mix of both.
6.Pick a theme for your parties. Ex- Game night; regular games, group games, or an icebreaker only, Cocktail party, Costume, Mingling.
7. Keep things simple. Simplicity encourages repeats!

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Behind the Scenes of BRK:

Look at that. A pitiful sight indeed. That is my vent shaft which is supposed to be covered in a stainless steel tube. But it is not. It has been like this for one year because of one little missing fuse and being a low priority around here. The little halogen lights blew the fuse causing a call to the repair man who placed in a wrong fuse and now it all has fallen into my own hands. I finally found the right fuse, hiding out in a warehouse in PA, so by the next newsletter my range hood will be back to normal. I am very happy. One job down, 20 more to go. Does it ever end?!

A Quick Tip:

Last week my son performed in a little show at school which was wonderful but the real hit was the Fruit Punch. Yes it is all about the food with me. The punch was made by my friend Sheila from Alice and the Mock Turtle. She blended grape juice and ginger ale, equal parts, and poured in a bag of mixed frozen fruit. It was delicious as well as very cold and refreshing. A few nights later I made this punch and served it in a pitcher which was not only pretty but very well received. Try it out.

The next newsletter will come to you around Thanksgiving weekend so I will include the Robin Sue Family Hot Pocket Leftover Tradition. Stay Tuned!


Robin Sue

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